RAMP Announced Collaboration with NEM Group and StakeHound – Crypto Economy


RAMP wants to add new services and opportunities for its users. It announced a collaboration with StakeHound and NEM Group to integrate stXEM as yield-bearing collateral in the rUSD framework. The collaboration focuses on increasing the chance and opportunities for stXEM users. It helps all of the three collaborators effectively in improving the user-base and finding new users.

Bigger Opportunities for XEM

With a market cap of about 2.5 billion, XEM is one of the greatest cryptocurrencies in the market. NEM Group, the biggest supporter of XEM and NEM blockchain, wants to expand its use-cases in partnership with other blockchains like RAMP and StakeHound.

The first move in this effort was launching stXEM. stXEM is a wrapped version of XEM that can be used on Ethereum. It means XEM users can benefit from their tokens on DeFi platforms that work on Ethereum, too. Another important piece of news from the NEM group is the launch of the Symbol blockchain. All of this news and collaborations help NEM find more customers.

RAMP says that [ernership with NEM Group is not limited to the current news. It will support stXEM token at the time of launch, too.

StakeHound has a vital role in the